[Locksmithing] Stupid is as Stupid Does
    The lawsuit states the firefighters who responded to the emergency call refused to break the car window and instead called a locksmith. 'Well another day and another laugh out loud of some of the insanity that describes America. The current crime du jour is baby dying in car. There have been numerous cases of this of late which means it has now replaced heroin as the drug of choice for the media. There are serious issues about leaving children and pets in cars during summer. But this story out of Nashville is the winner of the coup de grace of idiocy. She also sued Metro government.
  • THE SMART VAN  |  MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014
    [Locksmithing] Big Jobs in Small Spaces: Organizing Your 2014 Transit Connect
    Whether you are a locksmith or an electrical contractor, storage solutions are available for all kinds of service professionals. 'This is a guest contribution from Todd Goldmeyer, marketing managers at Adrian Steel a manufacturer for commercial van and truck equipment nationwide. If you are a service professional in a big city, you know how difficult it can be to maneuver your vehicle around busy streets and tight spaces. So how do you navigate tight spaces when you have a big job to do? Durability: The new Transit Connect has best-in-class towing capacity. Organization 101.
    [Locksmithing] Miami Locksmith The Importance Of A Garage Door Lock
    Miami Locksmith provides a number of systems and options for you to choose from. Quality garage door locks can be complicated to install, finding and using a quality locksmith service is the best alternative for the average being. Finding a reliable locksmith can be extremely challenging in Miami FL. have heard stories of locksmiths taking a customers money doing half the job and then asking for more money.  Be sure to ask for some references and be sure to negotiate the price total before the locksmith begins the project.
    [Locksmithing] Tips on Tipping: How Field Service Workers Feel About Gratuity
    Jeremy Green, who runs Castro Locksmith in San Francisco with his father, says tips can actually present something of a conundrum for his company. ” Green says his locksmiths typically get tipped on non-emergency jobs (which, to be fair, can get pretty expensive). So locksmiths may be under-appreciated for their fast work, but that doesn’t mean that a job completed quickly always has to end tip-less. Everyone loves getting a few extra dollars in tips — and certainly field service workers are no different. tax them? share them? Work Hard, Tip Hard.
    [Locksmithing] Field Service ‘Round the Clock
    Field service is a ’round-the-clock endeavor for Alex Kamand, owner of Kamand Locksmith Service , an emergency mobile locksmith company that will pack up the van and hit the road whenever a locked-out customer calls in. Despite advances in digital home security, Kamand, who has been a locksmith in San Francisco for 20 years, says the two most common calls he gets are usually pretty straight-forward: home lockouts, and home lock replacements (often requested by recently split couples). Locksmith jobs inherently involve bailing people out of tight jams. The Job.
    [Locksmithing] Save a Legal Fee: Subcontractors Should Consider Errors & Omissions Coverage
    It helps fill the coverage gap in general liability policies and some programs have expanded eligibility to many more classes, including HVAC dealers and distributors, janitorial contractors, locksmiths, septic tank cleaners, masonry contractors, interior tile and stone artisans, and other specialty trades.” A seatbelt for your subcontracting business - E&O (photo by boutmuet on Flickr). Good news subcontractors – you can get E&O insurance. This is an easy way to avoid a legal fee – because coverage should pay it for you. Luckily for them, it is out there.
    [Locksmithing] Designing the Perfect Van: Q-and-A with Nissan’s Mike Hobson
    So we set out to lay the groundwork for a vehicle that could apply to the service industry, to the delivery industry, to installs, plumbing, HVAC, locksmiths, et cetera. Image you could start with a blank sheet of paper and design the perfect field service van. What would you change from the old standbys? What cool new features or little luxuries would you dare to hope for? That’s the situation Nissan faced when it decided to try its hand in the U.S. van market. Was that what Nissan was aiming for? So we looked at what was out there and really took the opportunity to innovate.
  • THE SMART VAN  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011
    [Locksmithing] Locksmith Scams Paint All Field Service Techs in Bad Light
    Something that hurts the cause of service technicians everywhere is dishonesty in the field, and one problem area in that regard is the locksmith industry. Locksmiths are by and large a reputable lot, but some bad apples are spoiling the barrel with shady business practices that have been going on for years. Consumers are advised to make sure locksmiths arrive in a company vehicle, like this one. Powell provided five tips for consumers who need the services of a locksmith: Call your roadside assistance provider first, if you have one. Sign up for The Weekly SmartVan.
    [Locksmithing] Professional Tradesmen Use Social Media to Unlock Local Opportunities
    Marketing to the professional tradesman in the Construction, Industrial and MRO markets Home About Me Contact Market Overviews Newsletter Podcasts Services Professional Tradesmen Use Social Media to Unlock Local Opportunities Professional tradesmen, whether you’re an electrician, plumber or locksmith, are finally realizing that social media can play an important part in their new business effort. Locksmiths Use Social Media to Unlock Their Business Potential Many people do not realize that professional locksmiths do much more than just resolve lockouts and make spare keys.
    [Locksmithing] Electricians are SHOCKED! Limited Social Media Equals Unlimited.
    have provided additional articles related to Home Contractors, Plumbers and Locksmiths for John to post. I’m posting the locksmith post in a week or so.I’m Marketing to the professional tradesman in the Construction, Industrial and MRO markets Home About Me Contact Market Overviews Newsletter Podcasts Services Electricians are SHOCKED! Limited Social Media Equals Unlimited Business Today we have a guest post by Marc D. LeVine, Director of Social Media for Riaenjolie Inc , a web development company that specializes in websites for contractors and other tradespeople.

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